Istituto de Investigación Sanitaria

Department of Medical Oncology

Istituto de Investigación Sanitaria (INCLIVA) is a biomedical research institute based in Valencia (Spain). It is included in the framework of centres of scientific excellence promoted by the Spanish Government and accredited by the National Health Institute Carlos III as an Institute of Research in Health Sciences.

INCLIVA manages and promotes the biomedical research of the University Clinic Hospital of Valencia, the School of Medicine of University of Valencia and the IGENOMIX Foundation, devoted to the reproductive genetics. It focuses in four priority areas of research: cardiovascular, metabolism and organic damage, reproductive medicine, and oncology. Within the oncology area, INCLIVA actively promotes and contributes to international clinical trials, especially in Phase I Clinical Trials. The research institute is equipped with Phase I–III clinical trials facilities, bringing together specific out-patients clinic, laboratories, biobank and experienced staff in clinical studies.

Prof. Cervantes, leader of INCLIVA’s solid tumours group, has been recently involved in diverse national and international projects in the field of gastrointestinal cancer, including “MoTriColor” (H2020 635342, 2015-2019), “LEGACy” (H2020 825832, 2019-2022) or “Factors derived from the tumour microenvironment in localised colon cancer: clinical impact and therapeutic implications” (AECC 2020, 2021-2025).

Role within MyPath: Within the context of MyPath, INCLIVA will participate in the development and implementation stages of the pathways, as a clinical partner specialised in GI cancer, and actively contribute to the economic models linked to them.

Prof. Andres Cervantes
Dr. Manuel Alós
Dr. David Pajarón
Dr. Marisol Huerta
Dr. Ana Miralles
Dr. Arantxa Valls
Victòria Freitas Durks