The MyPath project will start in September 2022 and run for five years. The time schedule, consisting of three main periods, is outlined below.

Period 1: Development and testing of innovative patient-centred care pathway solution (MyPath)

The content and structure of the patient-centred care pathway solution, called MyPath, will be designed. The content of the pathways is based on evidence-based guidelines for cancer care in all stages of the disease, including best evidence for collection and use of patient-reported outcomes. In the development process, we will take into account cultural, structural, and ethical factors pertaining to the local contexts of the participating pilot sites.

Following the initial design, MyPath will be successively tested in a number of selected clinical centres, allowing for constant further refinement. Ongoing background evaluation of these pilot trails will shape the formal implementation study in period 2. 

MyPath solutionSep 2022 - Aug 2024

Period 2: Implementation of MyPath at nine clinical centres

MyPath will be implemented in nine clinical centres in eight European countries. At the same time, large-scale qualitative and quantitative data collection will take place through multidisciplinary focus groups, interviews with stakeholders, and non-participant observations at different clinics. We will use this information for the continuous evaluation and improvement of MyPath as well as its implementation strategy.

Implementation studySep 2024 - Aug 2026

Period 3: Finalisation of MyPath and implementation strategy

The final project period involves the final analysis and evaluation of both the MyPath solution and the implementation method. Based on the evaluation, we will deliver a final version of MyPath and an accompanying implementation strategy. The result will be an all-in-one package that is suitable for future adoption in all European countries.

Sep 2026 - Aug 2027