Significant milestone reached within the MyPath project

In a noteworthy development, MyPath has attained a significant milestone in its endeavor to enhance cancer care. This pioneering project, dedicated to crafting innovative digital Patient-Centered Care Pathways (PCCPs), has successfully delivered its first “proof-of-concept” solution to project partners this February.

The overarching goal of the MyPath project is to advance patient outcomes and clinical efficacy through the implementation of standardised, patient-centered care in accordance with established protocols. The unveiling of the proof-of-concept solution marks a pivotal stride towards realising this vision. In the months ahead, the solution will undergo further refinement through collaborative co-creation workshops involving clinicians and researchers. These sessions will leverage insights and findings from the first year of project activities, facilitating continuous enhancement.

Additionally, the project will gradually roll out the MyPath digital solution across nine cancer centers throughout Europe, slated to commence this autumn. Our aspiration is to translate the validated concept of patient-centered care into tangible, integrated practice within the oncology domain.

The MyPath digital solution is a set of applications that help healthcare providers improve their services. It allows patient-reported symptoms to be integrated into hospital systems, which can then be used for coordinating activities and as a basis for guided consultations. It also provides clinical suggestions for linked management and follow-up.