MyPath highlighted at e-QuoL project kick-off meeting

During the e-QuoL project kick-off meeting held from 24th – 26th January 2024, the MyPath project was invited to share their experience and give insights into their work over the course of the first MyPath project year. Tonje Lundeby and Amaia Urrizola from the MyPath coordinating team at OUS, showcased the project’s progress and contributions to the e-QuoL consortium. The presentation, titled “the MyPath experience” delved into the project’s mission of improving patient outcomes through patient centered-care pathways that prioritise patient needs and experiences.

The presentation took place on the second day of the e-QuoL kick-off meeting, during the session featuring other international projects that focus on digital tools for enhancing patient outcomes. MyPath members Stein Kaasa and Tonje Lundeby are contributing to the e-QuoL project as part of the Scientific Advisory Board.

We look forward to seeing what future interactions between the projects are planned to share experiences and explore potential synergies.